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Training Classes Postponed to 2022

See you in the New Year!

Wanting your "Mutt" to have an educaion?

We offer Puppy Kindergarten class as well as Run a Mutt Elementary! In these classes we teach practical life skills your dog will need throughout their lives. Classes are a fun way to bond with your dog and become a team! 


Puppy Kindergarten

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Run a Mutt Elementary

For "Mutts" under 5 months old

Session Length: 2 Classes, running Mondays 
Cost: $40.00 
What we learn: This class is for the youngsters! We begin teaching foundations for obedience, as well as play fun games and have lots of puppy play time!

Practical Life Skills - Open to dogs 12 weeks and older

Session Length: 12 Classes, running Monday and Thursday evenings 
Cost: $280.00
What we learn: In class your Mutt will learn basic commands such as Sit, Stay, Recall, Down, as well we will walk through real life situations and continue to work on patience and boundaries with our dogs.

Training: Outdoor Activities
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